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David Cunillera-Montcusí

PhD Thesis

Resilience of aquatic metacommunities

Implications for disturbance recovery

Welcome to the electronic version of my PhD thesis! Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the uploading of the pdf version of my thesis has been delayed. Consequently, I have decided to upload it section by section in this webpage. Here you will find the general sections of the thesis and the links to the published chapters.

Additionally, I have uploaded the recording of my thesis defense section by section. You can find all these videos in my youtube profile.

The full pdf version can be requested by sending an email to david.cunillera@dcm.cat

I can only hope that you will enjoy its reading and of course, any comment or question will be welcomed!

General index:

1. General introduction

1.1. Disturbances, patchy landscapes and their interaction on community outcome

1.2. Wildfire as the disturbance

1.3. Temporary ponds as the metacommunity

2. General objectives

3. General methods

3.1. Study sites and climatic overview

3.2. Studied systems and network construction

3.3. Pond macroinvertebrate sampling methodology

3.4. The studied 2012 Empordà wildfire

Thesis defense Introduction

12 minutes

4. Chapter I: Direct and indirect impacts of wildfire on faunal communities of Mediterranean temporary ponds

David Cunillera-Montcusí; Stéphanie Gascón; Irene Tornero; Jordi Sala; Núria Àvila; Xavier D. Quintana; Dani Boix. 2019. Freshwater Biology. 64 – 2, pp: 323-324. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/fwb.13219 

Thesis defense Chapter 1

10 minutes

5. Chapter II: Addressing trait selection patterns in temporary ponds in response to wildfire disturbance and seasonal succession

David Cunillera-Montcusí; Matías Arim; Stéphanie Gascón; Irene Tornero; Jordi Sala; Dani Boix; Ana Inés Borthagaray. 2020. Journal of Animal Ecology. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2656.13265

Thesis defense Chapter 2

10 minutes

6. Chapter III: The role of pond isolation, distance and direction in the colonization pattern of weak and strong dispersers

Currently under review

Thesis defense Chapter 3

10 minutes

7. Chapter VI: Metacommunity network structure determines nonlinear transitions in biodiversity resilience to wildfire disturbances

Currently under review

Thesis defense Chapter 4

10 minutes

8. General discussion

8.1. Wildfire impacts on Mediterranean temporary ponds

8.2. Do not let wildfire burn what the network bounds: The metacommunity rescue effect

8.3. Neither one nor the other, disturbance consequences on
metacommunity assembly: Surfing along the balance

8.4. Final considerations

Thesis defense Discussion

10 minutes

9. General conclusions

10. Bibliography